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* Custom Art, Hand Painted Tile, China, Porcelain, Oil Painting *

Fine Art Painting, Custom Art, Porcelain, China or Tile Designed by You


Sandra Maddox 360-886-4434

Prices for Hand Painted Tile

 4”   x 4”   tile                                       $ 20.00

 6”   x 6”   tile                                       $ 35.00

 8”   x 8”   tile                                       $ 50.00

12” x  12”  tile                                       $150.00

These prices reflect a regular size design on them.  If the

design  is a very small one or very simple, I will work with

you on the pricing.

Murals                                                $225.00 per square foot

When painting murals, I will only charge you for the tile that

I paint.  If there are a few pieces that have only a small bit of

the design on them, I will combine them for pricing.

I will put the first coat of paint on the tile and send you a digital picture so that you can see how the design looks on the tile.  My paints stay wet until fired, so I can make any changes that  you

may want.  Once the tile is fired, I am committed as the only way

I can take the paint off is to use hydrofluoric acid and that means

I am taking the glaze off at the same time.  If I make a mistake,

I have to start over again on the tile with the mistake.

All of my work is guaranteed and my job is not finished until you

are completely satisfied with what I have painted for your home or business.

Custom Art Hand Painted. My Design or Yours. Custom Orders for All Mediums Optional.

What do you need, what custom art do you want for your home?

I have been painting with oil paints for 34 years. 

Most of the time I paint on canvas, but have used oils instead of acrylics at times.  By working with these different mediums, it gives you a large choice as to what you would like to have me paint for you.

 Oil Paintings, Custom hand painted tile, hand painted china wash basins, hand painted porcelain dishes, pet portraits, stationary,  greeting or business cards, tee shirts?

I work with oil paints, acrylic paints and china paint.  China paint is fired on the tile and porcelain or ceramic dishes.  It is a low fire paint, so I can paint on any tile or dish that can be fired. 

I never use decals, so everything that I paint on the tile or dishes is permanent. 

Decals sit on top of the glaze and will come off over time.  When I fire the china paints, the glaze on the tile or dishes softens and the paint becomes a part of the glaze that is on the tile or dishes.  If the design is coming off, it is because you are using a cleaner that is also taking the glaze off the tile.  The dishes can be washed in the dishwasher. 

I do have access to gold that can be used on dishes that go in the dishwasher.  It comes from Europe.  I also have glass paints that can be fired on clear glass.  It is fired at a much lower temperature so the glass won’t slump.  This gives you many choices as to what you would like painted for your home.

I have used acrylic paints to paint on natural stone that is used for tile.  Once the paint is totally dry, the design must be protected with an excellent sealer that should be reapplied at regular intervals, depending on how often you wash the stone tile.  I have used acrylic paints to paint on glass lamp bases or other items that cannot be fired.  Always seal the acrylic paint.

I have taken some photos that are shown on here.  I can have prints, cards, or stationary printed for you, using these photos.

If you are looking for something that I have not mentioned here, ask me about it and  I will do some research and see what I can do for you.  Please feel free to ask me any questions about what you would like to have me do for you.

                                                               Thank You,

                                                                                         Sandra Maddox 360-286-4436

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Custom Art, China, Porcelain, Oil Painting, Hand Painted Tile Seattle